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Fashion brands that unveiled modest collections

by Rachel Fernandes |

The modest fashion market has always had a huge spending potential. The ladies enjoy shopping, staying updated on fashion, make up trends and now even blogging and Vlogging. In the last few years the Muslim fashion world has taken off in a big way and will reportedly be upped to around $484billion by 2019. Many well-known brands have already made their mark with modest collections.

Tommy Hilfiger

In 2015, popular brand Tommy Hilfiger unveiled their limited edition, Ramadan collection for the Middle East women. The outfits were in line with the sentiments of modesty and consisted of long skirts, pants, long-sleeved tops and maxi gowns in sober colours like teal, emerald green, black and white. It remains to be seen if the label will foray into modest fashion on a consistent level.

Tommy Hilfiger




Simplistic ready-to-wear brand Zara also reached out to the modest women with their own Ramadan collection. They went a step further and created a full-fledged line for women, men and even kids that consisted of jackets, jumpsuits and blouses. The outfits had a lot of spring florals and white to go with the season.

Zara modest fashion




High end label Mango is known for their versatile collections and joined the lot with a Ramadan collection in 2015. The outfits were formal and included long, flowing dresses for the young, modern Muslim women. It was launched online with shades of white, teal, and purple for the Middle east section.

Mango modest faashion




The casual, trendy Japanese brand is known for its vibrant collections and went ahead and launched a traditional line in July 2015. The brand collaborated with fashion designer and blogger Hana Tajima to create a modest line including pants, turbans, hijabs and kebayas. They infused the line with bright colours and light fabrics.




Dolce & Gabbana

The recent addition to the growing list of designers to join the modest fashion bandwagon is Dolce and Gabbana. The brand launched a traditional abaya and hijab collection in January 2016 and it consisted of black and beige outfits. The apparel had a summery vibe with an addition of prints like flowers, fruits and retro style lace details.

Dolce & Gabbana modest fashion



These international designers and brands launching modest fashion collections emphasizes that a new growing market has opened up. They hope to cater to the modest women from Middle East, South East Asia and several other places. Will this benefit the modest woman? Will she have more options to choose from? It remains to be seen if these brands eventually design full-fledged collections on a regular basis for these ladies.


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