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Hijabis of the month- Bloggers Sara & Mariam aka Twinsdiaries (Part 1)

by Rachel Fernandes |

 Our hijabi influencers for the month are the beauty bloggers Sara and Mariam aka the twinsdiaries on Instagram. They are upcoming make up artists in the UAE as well as Cairo. We had a tete-a-tete with them and got the pretty ladies to share a bit about their profession and life as bloggers.


 1) How did you both get into make up and the professional aspect of it?

As you know we are self-taught makeup artists, it has been our passion since we were 14. We started learning about basics and foundations of makeup and gradually by watching makeup tutorials and professional artists and keeping an eye on the new trends in makeup. Afterward our techniques improved a lot until we noticed that people around us are admiring our makeup applications and started asking us to teach them or do their makeup; from here we wanted to take our talent to a professional level.

2) When and how did you start doing make up posts, tutorials etc on social media?

We created our page @TwinsDiaries on Instagram at the end of 2015 exactly on December 13, 2015. We started with a photo-shoot. It was like an introduction about our page and who we are and what we will be presenting in this page. We focused in the photo-session on the makeup and hijab outfits, and then later we started taking professional pictures for our work and posting them by mentioning makeup artists and beauty bloggers in hashtags (#) and giving a shout out to our favorite makeup and skin care products with personal reviews about them.

3) For make up and beauty, which social media platforms work the best for you and why?

We prefer Instagram more since we believe that in a short time it became one of the biggest social media platforms that almost everyone is using. For instance I have seen a lot of bloggers from around the world use only the instagram application to market their products and page. It’s very easy to use, upload, and edit our photos and videos in short time, plus it connects us better with people who are interested in what we are doing too.

4) What are the current make up trends that you think will go further?

We believe that contouring and strobing are very cool makeup trends that everyone have been using lately and becoming very creative in their application, such as Tablespoon Contouring, Tape Contouring and many other ways that I believe it made it easier for beginners to properly contour and highlight their face.

5) What are the two must have make up items one should have in their purse?

We believe that Lipstick and fixing powder can save the day.

6) Can you share two unique make up tips for your fans and followers?

Sure, the first one would be about Prep and fix sprays, forget about the expensive material and spray some rosemary water or Rosewater before applying makeup let it set for 1 min then continue with the rest of your makeup. It’s very good for the skin, and a powerful moisturizer that keeps your face hydrated and helps the makeup stay longer on your face.

The second unique tip, to have very attractive eyelashes if you don’t like false lashes , apply your regular mascara then sprinkle on some loose powder or baby powder then reapply your mascara – repeat the process for thicker and longer look.

7) What are your future plans for your set up?

We hopefully are looking forward to open our own makeup school in the UAE and in Egypt where we can teach young artists about how to apply the makeup from basics to professional level.

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