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Secret Beauty Tips and Skin Care Routine by Twins Diaries

by Rachel Fernandes |



Popular UAE and Cairo based make-up artists and blogger duo Sara and Mariam aka @twinsdiaries have shared some wonderful suggestions for all women in the second part of their interview. From social media wisdom for aspirants, secret beauty tips, favourite Hollywood celeb with good skin and their very own flawless skin care routine, check it out.

1. Advice to young girls on how to explore the world of make-up and social media?

Our advice to young girls is to watch a lot of tutorials by makeup artists, look for key words and follow them for instance if you want to learn about contouring application, you can search for the word contours and you will find thousands of posts about it and follow beauty bloggers to ask them about your beauty and makeup concerns.

2. One secret tip for beautiful, glowing skin?

Massage your face with an ice cube before applying make-up for a healthy and glowing skin; it minimizes the appearance of pores and oil. It’s not a secret but a lot of people are not aware of this amazing trick.




3. Do you both always have clear skin? What’s your go to remedy for a skin break out?

We all experience those times of skin break out, dryness, itchiness or paleness. It’s never always a clear skin. But 99% of these problems are from poor nutrition or we are not taking the right amount of vitamins from our food. So we go for natural ingredients and face masks to re-boost the vitamins and fix these damages. 

4. Which celebrity according to you always has flawless make up style?

Jenifer Lopez, we believe she takes care of her skin very well which makes her make-up style always perfect and flawless, so that almost everyone is trying to imitate her looks.

5. Eyes, lips, face….if you could use make up for only one of these, which would it be?

We would choose face; there are times where you want to put makeup only for the sake of having a glowing and healthy looking skin.




6. Which bloggers/idols do you look up to, for make-up inspiration?

There are a lot of inspiring bloggers whom we admire and like their work very much. But the ones we follow regularly and learn from are Huda Kattan, Dalal AL Doub and Sondos Al Qattan.

7. Your take on modest hijabi fashion making a new mark in the global world of fashion?

We are constantly following the latest trends in fashion, specially hijabi fashion and modest fashion influencers. We strongly believe that in a short time they have taken fashion apparels to higher levels and made the entire world start noticing and admiring hijabi fashion and designers, and that is something we are really proud of. We have also noticed that a lot of international brands have been collaborating with hijabers for marketing their brands and products. It really feels amazing to see such achievements.




8. Share with us your skin care routine?

We do have day and night routines, we use daily moisturizer by ESTEE LAUDER – Hydrationist maximum Moisture Crème; it keeps the skin hydrated all day long and strengthens its resistance to signs of premature aging.

For the night routine, it starts with milky makeup remover lotion and then we use refreshing toner by MICA BEAUTY COSMETICS, it leaves the skin refreshed and smooth as it is made of all natural ingredients, vitamins and minerals. Then we massage with ALL ABOUT EYE SERUM – Eye roller By CLINIQUE. The last stage of our night routine, we use ADVANCED NIGHT REPAIR SERUM mixing it with vitamin E and we gently massage until our face absorbs the formula.

The most important tips we would like to advise everyone with is that our skin is like a plant, you constantly have to take care of it and clean your face and tools with wipes or toners so as to protect your skin from anything that might affect or damage it.


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